Bye-bye, buddy

When I called my mum last night it was business as usual, until she had to pass on some sad news. Sam, our beloved family cat, had to be put down on Friday...I wanted to write a quick post to let people know because quite a few of you have met him over the many long and happy years of his kitteh life. I also wanted to give a shout out to a friend - because any cat who is convinced he's human is definitely worthy of that title, in my opinion.

Sam was an absolute legend, and I so glad mum found him when he was abandoned all those years and that my parents were cool enough to let him become part of the family. Home will feel quite different when I visit next month and there's no purrful, bossy, silly cat agitating for extra food and fusses, I think. I hope the rest of my family are doing okay with this - we all loved that old cat. :)

Love you, Samwell - I hope kitteh heaven is full of birds that fly low, sunbeams to sleep in and food bowls that never run out. Thanks for being such an awesome pet.

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  1. Awww, I'm sorry to read that Sam is no longer with us! I feel honoured to have met him. I'm sure he's bossing around the other cats in kitty heaven.

  2. I'm really sorry for your guys' loss :o( Sam sounded like a fantastic pet!

  3. My condolences. He looks and sounds like a lovely kitteh. I hope he meets my old friends in kitteh heaven: Matilda, Meg, Lucy, Mitsou, Shadow, Pharoah, and Chloe. May they all run, pounce, purr, and snuggle to their hearts' delight for all eternity.

  4. I'm so sorry - I like my cats more than I like most people. They are definitely family members.

  5. I'm so sorry about Sam, he was a beautiful kitten.

  6. I am sorry Sam is no longer with your family :(


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