Well that sucks....

Yesterday....was brilliant. Catching up with good friends, brunch, wine, shopping, relaxing...just ace.

This morning, we awoke to our housemate telling us we had been robbed.


All that's gone is our TV and X-box, and thankfully everyone's okay (they didn't go into any of the bedrooms), but it's still upsetting and I'm a little shaken to think that some stranger was in my house while I was sleeping.

Timing sucks (not that there's ever a good time to be burgled, but, you know...) - the big England v. Germany match is on today and we were prepped to have a gang of people over for a BBQ. Instead, we're waiting for forensics, will be catching the match online / on the radio, and have more barbie food than we'll ever know what to do with...

A frustrating start to a Sunday, that's for sure! Again, I'm so glad we're all okay, and it's not the end of the world but still...it's not good either. Here's hoping the day improves!

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Wedding pics

Laura and Garry, the beautiful couple!

In bridesmaid mode

With the other bridesmaids and our boyfriends.

Beautiful June & Debbie in their dresses.

As promised, here are some of the handful of pictures Matthew and I took whilst at Laura & Garry's wedding last weekend....such a beautiful day!

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It's quite late.

I really should be in bed.

But I really want to write.

Lately I've been pining to create.

I've always had an outlet. Needed an outlet.

Needed to sing, to dance, to write, to play, to dream.

Needed also to consume, to converse, to watch, to read, to listen.

During the busier seasons, these things tend to give way, like reeds before a roaring current, submerged and forgotten amongst a thunderous ripple of spreadsheets, deadlines, places-to-go-and-people-to-see.

I hear the call though.

Even over the clamour of the day to day; the crush on the tube train, the shouts in the street, the meetings and phone calls and meetings and emails and meetings. I still know I'm never happier than when I write. Or teach. Or read. Or think.

So I'll be back, soon (ah, the potential for fail there is strong, but I'm going to choose to believe in myself!). I've got lots of ideas and jottings that I'm longing to coax into posts....I have high hopes for a fruitful summer. I can't wait to get started.

There's room for everybody on the planet to be creative and conscious if you are your own person. If you're trying to be like somebody else, then there is isn't. - Tori Amos

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Return to.....well, I won't say normal!

So the run of crazy is done.

The wedding was beautiful....pics to come soon.

The away days with my class went well....video blog from me sitting on a log in a forest to come soon.

So much to write about, but no time tonight. Am still unpacking from our class trip and need to find a toga for tomorrow's Roman Day.

Man, I love being a teacher....

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On being better, weddings, and the World Cup

It's proving to be one of those weeks. Actually, more like one of those months. You know, the ones where you feel like you're a total failure. I feel overstretched and hyper, and as such, I feel like I'm dropping the ball....

Work is the one place that's claiming a huge majority of my time (far more than it should) and yet I look round my room and even that's not 100% - we're in the midst of exams and reports and end of year shenanigans and I can barely grasp how I'm going to get it all done (I will though. I always do. :-)).

Outside of work, I feel like I'm being a crummy friend, blogger, daughter, sister, girlfriend, correspondent, joinee....but after a 13 hour day and a two hour commute, all I want to do is curl up and relax. So I'm really truly sorry if you're reading this and I've let you down. Summer term is ever this way and it goes against my instincts and my usual way of doing things - I like to be involved and social and helpful and supportive. And I feel I'm not doing enough of those things right now. As I said, I'm sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.

There is a major light at the end of the tunnel, though. I like to call it 'July'. Exams will be done, the reports written, and the boys will be all but gone as they move on to their next year. There will be stresses, yes (hello, house move?), but I'll have more time and space in which to work on them.

So roll on July and the chance to be better. A better friend. A kinder girlfriend. A supportive big sister. Someone who actually makes it to the gym, who remembers birthdays, who has time to be there for the people they love.

I can't wait.


On a more positive note, this weekend I get to be there for two very special people who I love, as my darling friends Laura & Garry tie the knot! I am so thrilled for them both - they are the nicest, sweetest, funniest couple and I am going to be so proud to stand up for them on Saturday :-). Photos to follow, no doubt (I shall be asking the handsome and debonair Mattheiu to be my blog photographer, just like he was for Jenna's wedding).


Finallement - the World Cup kicks off tomorrow. Who will you be supporting? My class are super excited about it - as is a primary school teachers wont, I am helping them to make a display!

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