Cool online things (a.k.a. a StumbleUpon post)

I've become rather attached to StumbleUpon recently. When I have a spare half hour on a weekend or evening I love zipping through and finding cool things. I also enjoy just mooching around the net when I have time, or following up recommendations from friends. So I thought I'd share some recent favourites here:

Cat vs Internet: I will always love The Oatmeal.

They Draw and Cook: lovingly illustrated recipes. Just beautiful to look at!

100 inspirational quotes: You guys know I love a good quote. Lots of great ones here.

Colour quiz: I love a good online quiz.

Ball Droppings: Actually addictive.

Lyrics: This one shot made me giggle and giggle. Like a G6 indeed.

Breathing Earth: This blows my much information, lovingly rendered.

Love Letters Project: This is odd and arty and fabulous, in almost equal measure.

Happy clicking, all! Do any of you use StumbleUpon?

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1 comment:

  1. Cool I need to check out StumbleUpon more often..
    I liked Cat vs Internet lol
    They Draw and Cook was very creative!
    Color quiz was fun
    Ball dropping was kinda cool!
    Lyrics was funny.
    Breathing Earth is interesting!


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