New Year's Ambitions....

Welcome to 2011!

Yep, it's that time of year again, when resolutions or ambitions are made. For the whole of my thirties I've now set up a 43 things list, following on from the list project I started here in 2007. But my main goals for this year are:

1. Appreciate more; look for the joy in things. I've always been quite good at this, but for some reason I felt a little ground down during 2010. I want to get this back. A very cool blogger called Sarah did a very cool project back in December called #100joys, where she documented the many joys her life is filled with - I'll be doing lots of updates like this throughout the year.

2. Sleep more. I need to get 7 to 8 hours a night to be healthy, to feel right, and to lose weight. I need to make this a priority. Plus, sleep is awesome.

3. Explore my local area. I live in such a nice spot, but sometimes I'm too tired to go out. I need to change this.

4. Let go of things.

5. Be less afraid.

6. Watch more movies (this year my lovefilm subscription shall earn its keep!), read more books (the Kindle is already helping with this), take more pictures (I've signed up to do Project Life, which should help with this), write more posts (I'm going to aim for 5 or more a week).

7. Lose 25 pounds.

8. Work on my homemaking skills.

9. Learn Latin.

10. Spend more time on people.

So those are the ambitions - how about you? Do you make ambitions or resolutions? Are you looking forward to anything special in 2011? I'll be keeping an eye on these ambitions and my 43things too and letting you know how I get on!

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  1. Happy New Year Claire! Those are some great ambitions, I'm sure you'll have no problem. And learning Latin sounds really cool!

  2. I love that picture of you!

    I made #3 a resolution for 2010, and it was a complete fail. But it's a good thing to do so I should try again.

    Glad you are loving your Kindle. I love mine too, but I got a lot of hard copy books for Christmas so it will be dormant for awhile.

    I am still crafting my resolutions, but there will be a post about them soon!

  3. Glad to find your space on the net - What a neat idea - ambitions vs resolutions. Last year was the first time I ever completed a resolution. It felt great.

    Good Luck and God Bless!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! My resolution is to switch all my important passwords to harder-to-guess versions.

  5. Oh I might look up the old Yon List thread from the forum (I deleted my 43 things account so the only record is on that thread). I can tick off both "get the girl" and "fall in love" (which seemed pretty much default on 43 things) and probably some other things too.


  6. I love how you call the resolutions ambitions! I'm going to start using that!

  7. You should resolve to keep bringing the sexy.

  8. Those sound like lovely ambitions for the New Year! :)


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