Things I like (parts 1 - 5) by Claire

1. The good, honest tired you get after a loooong day at work.

2. The fact that this time in sixteen days I'll be sipping a cool drink as I settle in to our hotel room in Gran Canaria.

3. Ordering all my clothes for aforementioned holiday online....and finding when they arrived today that they all fit, and are pretty darn cute!

4. March, April, and May visits from friends.

5. Dancing to steel band music with my little badgers!

To be continued....

What do you like, lovelies? What's making you smile today?

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  1. Great list! You must be so pumped for your vacay, and your cute new clothes.

    I am pumped for March! :D

  2. That is a great list. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. The fact that I don't work on Fridays so I can nurse my awful sore throat without feeling guilty!
    Here's to hot squash!
    Mme Muir ;)

  4. I love when I get stuff online and when it arrives and I put it fits and looks cute!
    Hooray for an upcoming vacation!


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