Puerto de Mogán, part 2

More snaps from our time away (I actually remembered to take pictures!).

You may remember Fingal Finger-Badger from other visits we have taken. Well now he has a wife, Florence! Here they are at the top of the hill/mountain opposite our hotel which Matthew and I climbed one afternoon. Not a huge walk by any means, but a steeeeep one, and at the top the views, and the sesne of achievement were both wonderful!
Matthew soaking up the sun.
Me, thrilled that my calves had allowed me to get up the hill at all!

One of Matthew's favourite ways to relax - beer and reading on the balcony!
I've just realised I've got my boat pics the wrong way round - here is Matthew on the way back from Puerto Rico, the larger resort we headed to a couple of times.

This picture is for Mlle Wilson/Mme Muir - CRAZY EYE!

We played all sorts of sillies on this break - darts, pool, table tennis....and mini golf!
Matthew is pretty good at mini golf.
Hence my crushing defeat. :(
Boy, sea, blue skies. Wonderful.

Part 3 on the horizon....

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  1. Ahhh, looks like you guys had such a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  2. Matt is indeed a cutie. Well done.

  3. I love that the badger has a wife! I didn't know he had been on the market ;)

  4. Looks like it was a great trip with lots of fun adventures!
    Love the couple badgers lol


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