Puerto de Mogán, part 3

Fingal and Florence totally crashed one of our trips to Puerto Rico!

They developed a taste for chilled San Miguel....

...and mini golf too!

Relaxing on the balcony in the balmy night (it was 18 degrees at about 10.30 pm. Again, in February!).

This picture is awful, but makes me laugh, because of a silly in-joke we had about sea badgers. Don't you just love the silly stuff you come up with when you're away? The gorgeous view is the one we saw on our big walk.

Matthew on a mountain.

Sigh. I loved this place.

So. Much. Sun.

The sweet taste of victory, top of the hill.

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  1. Looks amazing Claire! You and your cutey patooty look so cute together awwww!

  2. Nice to see that all of the badgers enjoyed the vacay!

  3. What a beautiful place.. and you took great pics! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. I love that last photo, and your shades look wicked!


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