Really, properly, honestly relaxed.

By all rights, I shouldn't be.

Work is manic (so manic I forgot to go to lunch at all today. Really difficult in a school where there are buzzers and bells aplenty). Life is busy with visits and training and all. But I'm good. I'm working hard, yes, but I feel good. Serene, almost - were it possible for someone as hyper as me to be serene!

Maybe it's all the speeches I give 4T about embracing 'constructive' stress (pass that test! Make that deadline! Give it your best shot!) and channeling out 'destructive' stress (talk to someone! Hit a pillow! Go to the gym!) - they seem to be having an effect on me! In amongst the fizzy whizzy busy, I feel centred and capable and ready

I feel pretty darn blessed. Because I am.

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  1. Glad that you are inspiring 4T! I do enjoy them!

    Tell me about the manic-ness of work. I was back into it today. Ugh. Can't believe that I woke up in LDN in your spare room just yesterday! Crazy.

    It's great that you can find the calm in the storm, so to speak.


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