Project Life Tuesday (February 21st - 27th)

After failing to keep up with Project Life (luckily, that left a decent amount of space for my holiday snaps instead!), I'm back into it, and linking up again with the lovely Jessica's 'Project Life Tuesdays'. I think part of why I stopped (besides the obvious forgetting to take pictures) was me thinking "well, nothing really happened today"....from now on, even if it's just a shot of a piece of A4, I'll post. This is my year, in all its lovely, silly, banal, everyday wonder.

This week is especially lowkey - a lot of work stopped many good photo ops, haha!


I started a new lesson style with my class, the IWS (Individualised Working System). I hope it works well - it involves a lot of new labels!


Teaching the gang all about angles! At one point it looked like a yoga class as we stretched to make the angles with our arms.


The poster behind my chair.


I use old gift bags to keep our books in order - marking seems less onerous when you have a cute bag to tote!


After a long week a treat is totally in order!


Farewell to an old friend...the popper on my trusty red bag has finally come away from the vinyl, I discovered whilst cleaning out my closet. Good-bye, trusty handbag. We've had some good times...



A busy and fun day, bowling and hanging out with my class at one of their birthday parties. And as I arrived home, I saw these beauties springing up on the grass outside our building. Spring is on it's way!

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  1. Great shots Claire.

    Love seeing those flowers coming up.

  2. I love your purse! So sad that you had to say goodbye!


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