Things I like (parts 41-45) by Claire

41. History. I'm so lucky to teach such an exciting subject to such capable boys. Next up is King John - I am loving reading up on him! The Plantagenets are soooo interesting!

42. Tee shirts, hoodies and more from Threadless.

I think I would like about half the site at the moment!

43. The book 'One Thousand Gifts'. I've started it recently....and it seems very opportune as I started this very list of my own a couple of months back! I do love to count blessings!

44. Light evenings. Oh the deliciousness of walking home from school while it's still light!

44. Walking. As I train for the Moonwalk (anyone feel like sponsoring me? Please click here. / shameless plug) I am covering lots and lots of miles. It's a great way to see the city!

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