Things I Like (parts 46-50) by Claire

46. Spring cleaning (in little bursts, heh!) - the joy of throwing out unwanted things, recycling and taking stuff to the charity shop, daydreaming and cleaning, seeing new potential in old spaces.

47. My new ironing board. It's taller than me and definitely means business!

48. Morning quietness.

49. Cinema seats which recline like laze-e-boys. In a cinema where you can have cupcakes and wine delivered to your seat!

50. Emails from friends.

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  1. Ooh, #49 sounds amazing! I wish we had that here at jury duty, ha-ha.

  2. I still don't know how to properly iron.

  3. I love giving things away. We don't have an iron in our house though ;)

  4. I love spring cleaning, I always feel so much lighter! I also love to give items to those in need. Do they have Freecycle over in England? It's a website where you can give and get items for free, keeps things out of the landfill!

  5. Oh, I love having good tools. A great ironing board, a powerful iron. I adore mine - it's a Rowenta professional. Love it!


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