Things I like (parts 61-65) by Claire

61. Emails from friends greeting me when I log on. Bizarrely, since giving up facebook for Lent, I find I now know more about my good friends lives, because it's making me send an email or write a letter or send a text or pick up a phone to chat with them. Facebook is great and all, but having been off it for Lent (and having not logged on at all in the past month, not even Sundays) I think for me, rationing my time on there is a big positive to carry on beyond Lent.

62. Bacon sandwiches - preferably on delicious bread with butter *and* ketchup. Perfect before an epic walk.

63. Walking so hard you're covered in mud and sweat at the end of it (gross, yet satisfying!).

64. The long refreshing shower you have after the walk mentioned in point 63! :D

65. Waking to sunshine coming through the curtains or peeking through the blind.

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  1. I'm sure your boyfriend fell head over heels for you the minute you mentioned bacon sandwiches.


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