Five Minute Friday...On Forgetting

Link up with Lisa-Jo for this great series. Taking five minutes (and five minutes only) to just write.

This week's title....

On Forgetting


So much of life is about remembering. We remember good times, great friends, triumphs, happy memories. But each of us has things we'd like to forget too, I think.

Times when we've fallen short. When we've let people down. When we've let ourselves down. Those times when we've taken the path of least resistance, rather than staying strong or standing up for ourselves. The times we've made the easy choice, rather than the right choice.

I think it's good that we don't forget, though.

That instead these moments linger, to remind us, so we don't make the same mistake again and again.

So that next time someone smashes an ornament, we take a deep breath before losing our temper, and instead think before we speak.

So that instead of going home and crying when a colleague embarasses us in front of a staff room full of cronies, the next time this happens we stand up for ourselves, rather than letting them belittle us.

So that the next time that girl (you know, the gossip) says something mean about a friend, we don't just stay silent, but instead we stand up for our friend.

Thank heavens for our mistakes. Let's never forget them.


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  1. so true, claire. there are some things we just can't afford to forget. great reminder. thank you.

    (stopped over from gypsymama. you were the 'before me' post. :))

  2. I keep forgetting to do Five Minute Friday, btw!

    Good post, Claire.


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