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As I was writing down some things I like the other day, I realised that there are many photos which make me smile too. Photos are such a part of memory, of good times, of people we love.

So starts a series of my favourite pictures, which will ping up if and I find them.

This picture is from October 2009, and was taken on the wedding day of my sweet friends Jenna and Chris. Each time I see this picture it makes my heart sing - the whole day was fantastic, just the most beautiful celebration of two marvelous people and the love they found with one another. I miss Jenna terribly now she's a Texan and all, but pictures like this remind me not only how lucky I am to have a friend like Jenna, but also how grateful I am that she has found her soulmate in Chris. Love you crazy kids...

Do any of you have a favourite photo?

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  1. Hey - sounds like we were doing something similar last night. I was going through my old AUS pictures and smiled too.

    I will give you running advice for sure! Although I didn't really follow the couch to 5K (I have in the past) but I did my own program where I pushed myself a bit farther each time.

    Oh, and lovely picture! It's nice to celebrate those who are special in your life.


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