My current reading list....June

It's high time I updated on what I'm reading - I love finding out what other people are reading and sharing my current reads!

Christy very kindly gave me this book yonks ago, and it's finally time to actually read it! I'm excited - I love a good bit of Canadian fiction.

This book always makes me think of Mlle Wilson. We do love a bit of Mitford action!

Such an interesting man! I'm looking forward to reading this autobiography.

'Pride and Prejudice' is one of my favourite books ever (I must have read it twenty times!), and there's a little mini-genre of books that have sprung up around the book and it's characters. I hope this book is entertaining!

A Christy recommendation :). Looks fluffy and fun.

What are you reading, friends?

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  1. I'm reading a Henry James novel that is kind of hard to get through, since it's mostly dialogue and they're mostly shallow characters. But after that I have several lined up that look fun!

  2. Currently: April Lady by Georgette Heyer (slightly boddice ripper, my aunt recommended her for "reading in the bath" - not much brain power needed, and also a tad annoying!)
    Next: An Agatha Christie Poirot but have forgotten the title - got out of the library yesterday. He's in a plane...
    After: The Book of Dave - Will Self - been looking forward to this for a while - already started the first chapter... bad girl.
    Subsequently: Something off the shelves - am still on a book buying ban lol!
    Mme Muir x

  3. I really hope that you enjoy my two recommendations. They are really quite polar opposites of each other.

    Right now I'm in between books, but I plan on starting Samantha Bee's (from the Daily Show) book of essays. It looks funny and I got it as a good bargain.

    Also, I will be reading my travel guides on Chicago, Utah, and NYC. :)

  4. p.s. If you enjoy Clara Callan, you should pick up "Mr. Shakespeare's Bastard" by the same author. It's completely in a different vein (it's historical fiction about a love-child of Will's) but it a really nice read. I loved it.

  5. The Pursuit of Love was brilliant but the end made me gasp. I'm really looking forward to finishing the main book I am struggling through so I can read more widely again.

  6. Enjoy your reads! I'm about to go on a fluffy chick lit bonanza all summer long!

  7. I love hearing about great new books. Thanks. Right now I am in search of my next great novel. I'm reading two books about teaching just now. They are marvelous, but I am in need of fiction.


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