This week

This week, I have mostly been....

Feeling: busy! After the glorious lull of half-term, jumping straight into exam week has been a shock to the system!

Thinking: less. I'd got myself to a very worried place a couple of weeks ago. No I feel like I've re-centred, and hope that whatever comes my way I will be able to handle.

Making: a mess, mostly. My classroom is a paper explosion right now!

Doing: lots and lots of marking. It's exam week, baby!

Reading: Googled. Still. My brain was way too frazzled for reading on 400-cals a day, so I need to get reading this week. During exam week. Yeah, right!

Writing: exam scripts and notes for reports.

Watching: Cougar Town. That show cracks me up.

Eating: more than last week (not difficult!), less than the week before that.

Drinking: so much water....

Listening: to lots of cheesey pop as I work out, and a real smorgasbord of tracks as I work on some mixes.

Working: hard!

Wishing: for a few more hours in the day.

Looking forward to: summer break. 5 weeks to go!

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  1. My daughter finishes school in 3 weeks....HELP! I have 3 weeks to get things in order before she comes home and wrecks them in 1 day! No, only kidding she's not that bad.Lovely to see that you have another blog to keep in touch with your students. Have a great day, love Linda x

  2. June is such a busy time of year.

    I've watched a couple of episodes of Cougartown and would like to watch more. Summer project perhaps? I like her wine vase.

    Good luck on the home stretch!

    p.s. It's gonna be a marking weekend here too. Again, its a shame we don't live in the same area 'cuz you could join me and my pal Fea at our fave coffee shop for bootcamp.

  3. I would love to know what your workout playlist is! I love cheesy pop music.

  4. I think we'd all like a few more hours in the day...I've been feeling so busy that I bought a beginner's guide to meditation.


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