This week

This week, I have mostly been....

Feeling: that the end of term is now firmly in sight....

Thinking: about babies names, weirdly. No babies on the horizon (breathe, honey), but I'm thinking about names a lot. I blame this on a) writing out names eleventy million times for reports, and b) Toddlers and Tiaras and some of the wackadoodle names you can find on there!

Making: plans for the summer.

Doing: so. much. paperwork. Oh, and also planning gifts and parties - that's more fun. :)

Reading: far too little.

Writing: reports, and hoping they are done soon because I have a tonne of thank you notes to write! Such a backlog.

Watching: Gilmore Girls. I fear it's an addiction.

Eating: over the weekend, far too much takeout. This week seems to be yoghurt, coffee and fruit.

Drinking: coffee (often decaf) and wine. And mojitos.

Listening: to Kate Miller-Heidke. Oh, and The Weakerthans, who I am super excited to see on Thursday!

Working: just as hard as last week, but in a wildly different way. Again!

Wishing: for more hours in the day...

Looking forward to: going to see Bridesmaids on Wednesday with Eileen, meeting Becca T and gigging Thursday, half-Christmas on Saturday with Vixie...and parties, picnics and zoo visits besides. Good times!

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  1. Ahhh! I'm so excited for Thursday... and I'm not even going, ha-ha. It'll be spectacular.

    Have a great week!

    p.s. Word Verif is "yokid".

  2. Oh, I adore the Gilmore Girls. At least the first three or four seasons. Not so much after that.

  3. I saw Bridesmaids and it was really funny and kind of touching.


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