Random online things (thanks, friends, twitter and stumbleupon!)

Here's a few of the things that have been making me giggle / think recently....

Europe, ten centuries in five minutes. Awesome.

I don't tend to dream much (unlike Matthew who has deliciously random dreams!), but this infographic is still pretty groovy!

In honour of all the Camden hipsters, I have once again been listening to this song a lot! (Caution, sweariness abounds - please avoid if this is likely to offend) New age fun with a vintage feel!

Jon Hamm is amazing. And fond of a good cameo....or rather, a Hammeo.

Jon Stewart and John Oliver take on the NOTW scandal.

My Drunk Kitchen gets patriotic. (Caution, sweariness abounds - please avoid if this is likely to offend)

The Fug Girls watch Country Strong, so you don't have to. I first read this last month, but it merits a re-read or three - the perfect tonic on a tiring day. Bull true!

This page of stats is updated constantly. And kind of hypnotic.

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