Two days in beautiful Amsterdam this week, and I even managed to remember to take some photos! I would thoroughly recommend the city for a break and I loved our modern, sleek hotel too (the Mint).

I love city sunsets.
This is the Anne Frank Huis - such an amazing place. I found it so moving and learned a whole bunch.
Wine at the Skybar, looking out over the city. Lovely.

One of the views from the Skybar.
The choir screen inside the Nuiewekirk - it's very plain inside for the most part as it was stripped by iconoclasts in the 16th and 17th centuries, but this ornate screen is beautiful, and all the more so because of the spareness of much of its surroundings.
Hannah in Dam square,
Love the Dutch style houses (in this case, a bank headquarters!)
Side street snap.

In Dam Square, outside the Palais.

A great trip where I learned lots about the history and culture of the Netherlands. Would love to go back before too long! Dank u wel, Amsterdam! Tot ziens!

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  1. Lovely photos! What a great view from the "sky bar." This looks like a neat place to visit...but then, as Eddie Izzard would say, "You're in Europe. Where the history comes from." :)

  2. How wonderful! Looks like an amazing trip!


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