Home (part 2)

As promised, part 2.

Warning: Badger Heavy!

After all, I love our Badger Sett.

1. Mr Hedge-Badge, a gift from one of my Year 4s.

2. Badger coaster on my dresser.

3. I love my cheerful Kindle cover - chosen by my lovely.

4. It is so much friendlier with two!

1. Mini badger and Lionel badger.

2. Fingal & Florence

3. Badger plate

4. Badger Gang!

(I told you there were lots of badgers!)

1. Bathroom duck

2. Mr Penguin the radio

3. Bathroom badger

4. A bevvy o' ducks!

1. My bouquet from Jenna's wedding

2. Comfy cushions & a zebra print throw. Aw yeah.

1. Beautiful vase

2. Lantern

3. Bobbity!

4. I love initials and monograms. It's becoming a running joke that if and when we have kids they'll have to have the initial 'C' or 'M' so I can re-use the letters!

1. Tom badger (complete with raincoat and medal)

2. Welcome badgers! (From the Christmas shop in Stratford)

3. Another gift from a student.

1. Badger soap

2. Friendly clock that always lets me know when I'm running late for school!

3. Woof!

4. Kwak glass, lovingly brought all the way from Belgium. Thank you, Rory and Eileen!

I really do love our silly little home.

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