Cosy Sunday

Lovely day yesterday, watching two dear friends get hitched (congratulations, Kate and Jason!) and partying with dozens of friends.

Today, home, tidying and researching and writing and planning and marking as spaghetti sauce simmers in the crockpot and Downton Abbey with a glass of vino beckons at the end of the day.

Call me a simple creature if you wish, but that's good living where I come from.

Hope you've all had a super weekend too - here's to the week to come!

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  1. Sounds like a busy afternoon! I wanted to go hiking today as it was gorgeous out but spent the day cleaning and doing laundry!

  2. Glad you are having a nice weekend. Mine was great!

    Downton Abbey won some Emmys when I watched last week. I'm curious about that show!

  3. Survive the socialness of the week! So lovely to meet you. You're the star of the blog I just posted ;)

  4. Miss Ash, I think we've all had those days ;)

    Christy, it's soapy period drama awesomeness. I highly recommend. :)

    RK, it was *so* nice to meet you! You are so funny and sweet!



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