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Over the summer I've done lots of reminiscing, lots of thinking, and LOTS of listening to music. And listening to all those old mix CDs filled me with nostalgia, for that moment when a mix would arrive from a friend, full of new tunes, old favourites, and always always always at least one tune you were bound to hate.

So, each month of this academic year I am going to make a mix (on a theme)....and if you would like a copy, please just leave me a comment or drop me an email. Let's get the music flowing.

This month's theme is 'Back To School' and it's a double CD. I'm not going to spoiler here and write out the whole list of tracks, but it contains some gems like the songs below. Let me know if you'd like a mix in the mail!

Girls And Boys - Blur

Behave - Charlotte Hatherley

1234 - Feist

Beat Control - Tilly and the Wall

Make Your Own Kind of Music - The Mamas and the Papas

1919 - 383s

Ooooh, no video, mysterious...

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  1. Such a great idea and I must say I've never ever heard that last song but I totally love your Blur choice!

  2. I shall pop a copy in the post soon!



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