I *love* blogging

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It's such a little piece of my life, and such a big part too.

I love the solitariness of it, keys clicking away in a darkened room, ideas worked out, sentences played out. The scribbled story on a napkin, the words that jump out at you, that moment where you think, "I'm blogging this."

I love the community of it. The followers, the friends. The posts that make you laugh, or cry, or want to change. The posts that make you feel part of a whole. That moment where you 'click' with someone and you realise that something beautiful has grown out of the words and phrases and sentences and shared songs....a friendship.

I love the immediacy of it, the therapy, the place to talk and listen.

I love the longevity of it, the keeping of memories and remembrances. I have posts I click back to to remind myself of happy times...I have posts which remind me that the road has not always been smooth, but it has always been worth it.

I can barely remember why I started blogging.

But I'm so glad I do.

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PS You guys rock :-)

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