Things I Like Thursday

1. Lazy autumn evenings (which are all too rare!) - good wholesome food, a bottle of wine, time to chat.

2. Showing my class 'Schoolhouse Rock' and 'Pinky and the Brain' videos. Old school fun.

3. Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel. Mmmmmmmmmm!

4. Packages containing Christmas goodies for loved ones starting to drop in at school. Woo!

5. Demonstrating the power of language by delivering the intro to my Year 5 lesson in what I can only qualifying as 'rapper-speak'. Fo' shizzle!

6. Playing on pinterest and day dreaming.

7. Plans to head home in November and January AND plans to see the Newcastle lovelies in December. Brilliant!

8. Phone calls with Christy. Creasing up. Bucket. *hee*

9. Mince pies and port. Autumnal/winter snack of champions!

10. Half-term break now being a hop, skip, and jump away (well, seven days!).

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  1. Is the name of your shower gel really Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake?

  2. Mince pies and port! Now you are talking! Thanks for always cheering me up with your positive posts!


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