30 Days of thankfulness: Education

(NB: I wrote all the things I am really truly thankful for on slips of paper and am drawing them out of the jar in a totally random order!)

I am so, so grateful that I was given the chance of an education.

So many people don't get the chance, and that makes me sad. Some people don't take the chance, and that makes me sad/mad/mystified!

When I look back on all the years I spent in education, in this learning game, I am always amazed by how, despite the tough times, the essays, the exams, the many not-so-nice teachers I happened to have, overwhelmingly, I have retained such a great warm fuzzy feeling about education as a whole. I've learned with some great people, read some amazing books, and expanded my little worldview with debate, discussion and research.

I love to learn and explore, and I'm lucky enough to have been able to do so to postgrad level (and hope to do so beyond, one day). How fortunate am I?

And now for my job I get to share that love of learning, and impress upon my boys how privileged they are to receive a good, rounded education (but more on that in another post).


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  1. It's great you found your calling so soon in life.

  2. It's a lucky bunch of students that have you as their teacher. (What/who is NB?)

  3. Hi sweetie - NB = nota bene = note well. It's an aside of sorts.



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