30 Days of thankfulness: Opportunities

Graduating in Aberdeen.

Watching the Foo Fighters at Wembley.

Getting soaked at Niagara Falls!
The joys of Edinburgh!
Beautiful Madrid.

I am so thankful for the chances I've been given.

I've met some fascinating people, been to some marvellous places, had some wonderful experiences...

...had you told that little girl in Forres all she'd get up to, I don't think she would have believed you!

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  1. That day in Niagara was so much fun! I forgot to tell you about 2 months ago I braved that Haunted House that we didn't make it through! I plugged my ears and ran LOL!

  2. You should be thankful for that smile, for it lights up these pics.

  3. I completely understand your thankfulness. I feel that you and I are similar in that we are both small-town girls who've moved to big cities and seen a lot of the world. Yay us!

  4. Miss A: *such* a fun day - I was such a wuss about that house! We should so do Niagara again one day.

    Wiwille, you charmer. Thank you. *smiles*

    Yay us indeed, Christielli! So when are you next in Europe? :)



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