30 Days of thankfulness: Things I like Thursday

1. The fact that I get to see 3/4s of my family on Saturday!*

2. Watching silly videos with my class during wet breaks.

3. Pan Am. It's like a frothy soapy younger cousin to Mad Men. Love it.

4. Planning holidays and breaks away.

5. The thought of Thanksgiving supper tomorrow (a day late due to scheduling). Bring on the marshmallow sweet potato!**

6. Being a bit of a Christmas Elf!

7. Breaking out the winter coat.

8. Peppermint (or Baileys) infused hot chocolate. Yum!

9. December being so close I can nearly touch it.

10. This mac and cheese recipe! I can cut it down and make just enough for a Claire!

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*we'll miss you, Sian-shine! Skype soon?

** Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely US folks!

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