(More) Christmassy Pinterest...

Pinterest is such a hive of festive ideas!

From: s22.photobucket.com

I love our simple solo wreath, but if and when we have a house I'd love to do something like this!

From: craftster.org

Note to self: make this for Peter next year!

From: google.com

Love these - professional looking cupcakes are something I must learn to make in the new year!

From: marleyandlockyer.blogspot.com

Salt dough tags for gifts? Genius! This is so on for next year (this year it has been reds, golds, brown paper and ribbons).

From: amysfinerthings.com

Red Cinnamon Popcorn!

From: smashingmagazine.com

So cute! I love kittehs at Christmas.

From: thehappyhousewife.com

Another one for next year! I was saying to Matthew that I really want to pare down the spending on Christmas next year (as lovely as presents are, I think sometimes I splash out a bit too much and that money might be put to better use elsewhere)...some of these gifts are super cute and might just be perfect as little gifties next year. Plus some of them even I could make!

From: blog.worldlabel.com

There are so many great printables out there!

From: make-it-do.com

Stove top pot pourri? How clever!

From: welcomesunshinehome.blogspot.com

I am so buying lanterns next summer for candles in the summer, ornaments come winter!

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  1. Love the Scrabble!

    I still can't register on Pinterest, and I don't have Facebook or Twitter, so it looks like I've hit a brick wall! :(

  2. I must use the phrase "a hive of festive ideas" sometime soon!

  3. I love the R2D2 ornament. So neat!

    That popcorn looks amazing.

    And I think that I saw from Instagram that you used the Scrabble letters tonight!


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