Things I Like Thursday: December 1st

1. It's December, people. DECEMBER! Totally and utterly the best month ever.

2. My new Santa Claus mug.

3. The movie Elf. I'm sharing it with my class and they are so into it!

4. The pre-Christmas catch up sessions.

5. Finally, I can listen to Christmas music and no-one thinks I'm nuts.

6. Marks & Spencer's chocolate biscuits. Oh dear badger they are awesome.

7. Hopefully starting to glimpse the tail end of this coldy-headachey thing. I have felt most un-Claire like. Hopefully though the wheeziness and barking cough and constant headache will go soon...I want to be back on full power, please!

8. This time in two weeks....I'll be on holiday!

9. Peppermint hot chocolate!

10. 24 sleeps :)

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  1. I love peppermint hot chocolate! I will get some tomorrow.


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