Things I Like Thursday

1. A change in priorities.

2. Getting started on back to school prep (a half hour here, a half hour there...).

3. Turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches.

4. Last week's one good piece of news now unfolding into three wonderful pieces of news for three ladies I love very much...very different good things, but all very welcome too!

5. Long winter's naps.

6. Twinkling lights on the tree and candles burning low.

7. Time to plan and think and read.

8. Shopping for new school clothes.

9. Curling up on the sofa to watch the darts.

10. Long hot showers followed by cosy new pyjamas.

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  1. Winter demands naps, methinks. The cold and dark makes me sleepy! I love holiday lights - I wish people would decorate all year round.

  2. It's almost that time, so I wish you an early Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Oh one more day of work, and then two weeks for myself to unwind, relax, read, and recharge.

    Glad your break is going so well. Will talk to you soon!

  4. Happy Christmas to four of my favourite girls, right up there!



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