A good day

Today has been a good day.

A day of helping and meeting new people.

Making plans and thinking ahead.

Subway sandwiches and red velvet cake.

Bouncing ideas around with a dear friend.

Playing on twitter and watching silly TV.

Introducing Eileen to the wonder that is 30 Rock...

...and joining Eileen in keeping a straight face when the boutique owner told us the dress in the window cost £10,000.

Ten. Thousand. Pounds.

And now it's a little after ten, and I'm snuggled up with a sleepytime tea and a magazine, tapping this in on my iPhone...because I resolved to blog 366 times this year and my computer has been off all evening.

Rock and roll?

Heavens, no.


Oh yes!

I hope you have all had (or indeed, are having) a similarly super Saturday, and that the rest of your weekend is lovely too.

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  1. Hooray! I love red velvet cake. We got one for Mr. RK's b.day a couple of weeks ago. Epic nom, as you would say!

  2. £10,000? Was it a wedding dress? If so I am genuinely not surprised.


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