Project Life Tuesday: Jan 23rd - 29th

Another week, another link up for Project Life! I was going to post fortnightly, but have moved to weekly (except when things get kerazee!) so I'll be more likely to get it done!

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Thank you as ever, Jessica, for bringing all us Project Life-rs together!

January 23rd: First things first, I skipped out Sunday 22nd - my pages and weeks were getting skerwift, so I skipped a day and went straight on to Monday. A.K.A. the day when one of my lovely students crafted me a 'Queen of Badgers' crown. Amazing.

January 24th: My lovely colleague Margot bought me these daffodils for my classroom. Aren't they blooming up beautifully? Love their flash of yellow! They really cheered me up as I saw how they were getting on as I packed up my classroom at 8 p.m.!

January 25th: Such a busy day! Lots of learning, lots of fun, lots of reciting this at my class as we worked on fast and slow clocks, haha!

January 26th: Tea, cake and Scrabble with Eileen, yay! Love our girldates and the crazy chats we have. This girl is quite the scrabble fiend, however - cross her at your peril ;). I'm okay with being the resident loser though, I know that means Monopoly can't be that far off!
January 27th: Another awesome badger present from a pupil - a badger necklace! I love it so much. My boys are far too good to me :)

January 28th: SUCH a fun day! The beautiful Naomi came to stay and we hung out and generally had a fabulous time. We went to see the Strictly Come Dancing tour (go Harry!), snacked, knitted, chatted, and met another friend from Durham, Henry, for a drink too. Super fun!

January 29th: A chilled day with lots of work and letters and blogging. I also popped down to the Manna Society for some volunteering. I think Matthew was highly amused that I did two hours worth of I *hate* to do dishes at home! Haha, it's different when it's for charity, non?

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  1. I love playing scrabble with my best makes it so much more fun!!!!!

    looks like you had a great week :)

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! How fun!

  3. I absolutely LOVE playing scrabble. I'm thankful that my 10 year old likes to play too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Have you told the story of the badgers? Because I'm am quite fascinated.

  5. Tea, cakes and Scrabble sound like a great way to spend some time!!

  6. great photo's.. sounds like you had a great week!

  7. Quite the week, your majesty.

  8. Love the crown! And very kind of you to do charity work.


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