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So I'm sticking with Project Life, and am loving that it's reminding me to take photos! It's a really neat way to look back over the weeks and months. I'm linking up once again with the lovely Jessica's Project Life Tuesdays, as I hope to do every fortnight. Keeps me focused to catching up with the project every couple of weeks at least, and I love seeing how others are getting on. Enjoy!

January 9th: A skinny vanilla latte and the walk home. As we start to realise that we'll be leaving NW3 at some point over the next year (we hope!) for a home in East London, I'm taking the time to really enjoy and savour the little joys of NW3. Walking home from school is definitely one of them.

January 10th: My Christmas present from Matthew was this gorgeous planner from Erin Condren - personalised with badgers, of course! The front badger is for work (most serious) - the one on the back is frolicking and ready to play!

January 11th: finally made it to the pool. Hence the mad hair!

January 12th: a fun day! Work was busy (seriously, is it ever *not* busy?), then I popped into dance class before meeting Eileen for sushi - my first proper sushi, actually! Fear I may now be addicted...

(Friday) 13th January: Eek! A busy day at school, where amongst other things I taught the boys about friggatriskadekaphobia. Never let it be said we don't strive for a rounded education. Was shattered by the end of the day so I headed home and finished a book in a night. This book was terrifying!
14th January: Matthew and I headed up to Forres for the 30th birthday of my dear friend Erin, who was having a party with another girl from school. We spent most of the night (when not cutting a rug on the dancefloor to 90s cheese!) chatting with Sam and Julie in the naughty corner. Fun night!

15th January: Ah, the wait at Luton for your taxi. Matthew and I are now seasoned pros at this!

January 16th: After work Eileen and I headed to a book reading (with *quite* an interesting crowd...) to promote a new book called 'Tired of London, Tired of Life'. After that we headed to Trojka for soup, latkes and awesome pancakes.

January 17th: In 'Mystery Club' the boys and I made collages about words we wanted to focus on in 2012. Mine is 'reading' and this is the work in progress...

January 18th: One of my favourite things to do as a teacher is to call, write or email when a boy is doing really well. This was the perfect day to break out the 'A Note From Miss Thornley' postcards.

January 19th: One of my focuses for this half term with the boys is appreciating and celebrating differences. Skittles and blue cakes are but two of the props I used for this.

January 20th: Actually a pretty stressful day with a to-do list as long as my arm....but everything seems a lot simpler and happier when you're cuddling a cute bunny brought in for show and tell!

January 21st: Had lots of fun on my first DIAD (Done In A Day) with the Junior League, painting a hallway and some doors for the sweetest lady. No photo on the blog, but it was super fun. And later in the day Eileen and I went for cake and I had the best red velvet. Seriously, just typing the sentence is making me crave it!

January 22nd: On birthdays and suchlike, the boys often bring in cakes. One boy brought these darling personalised cakes in - could they be more precious? I saved mine till Sunday so Matthew and I could enjoy it with a cup of tea, and I may steal this idea for a future birthday of mine!

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  1. Gee Claire, you get up to some really interesting things. Get snapshot of your life.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Badger personalized? Now that might be the best present ever!

  3. I'm dying over the "serious badger for work" on your planner. HA!

    And now I'm craving cake. Thanks for that. ;)

  4. I love any excuse (lesson or otherwise) that uses SKITTLES!

  5. Ooooh, saving a cake to share *is* true love!

  6. Very cool and entertaining post! I want to hear more about that London book and did you know they have a fear of the #13 jewelry collection? So funky!

    Happy Day to you, amiga!

  7. I am so jealous of that planner, I've been drooling over the coolness of it in Tiny Prints for ages! Also, love that you send home notes when the kids are good! I used to teach K and did that too, the parents were always a little scared to hear from me a first, I used to call. But the postcard is better because it's something tangible they can hold onto.

  8. I'm sure those Skittles were put to good use.

  9. great to have some pictures of yourself, I want to incorporate more pictures of me in my pages :)

  10. Love all your pictures for this week. I know how you feel Fridays I am whipped and want to do nothing but lay around:)


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