Thursday, January 05, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

Avec linky, once more. I'd love if you'd join me in noticing the little things that make life sweeter :)

1. The beautiful potential of a new school term...I love fresh starts.

2. Long, deep sleeps in warm beds, cold rooms. I always get the best shut eye like this.

3. Watching my Cougar Town boxset while I do the ironing - that show is too funny!


4. Catching up with people as they return to London and feeling life hit more of an even keel after the business of the holidays.

5. Getting excited about upcoming movies - I really want to see The Iron Lady, WarHorse, and The Muppets.

6. Sending out thank you cards - it always takes me a while, but it's a fun little January project to get them all organised.

7. Death Comes To Pemberley. I'm really enjoying this book - the mix of characters I know well with a murder mystery is really fun.

8. Comfy jeans and that we're back to school I'm going to miss them tonnes! as much as I like skirts, dresses and heels, comfortable jeans cannot be beat.

9. Honey. Roasted. Butternut. Squash. It's just so good. Matthew's away this weeked and I'm genuinely contemplating having just this for supper.

10. Donating a fair few bags of things to the charity shop after having a clearout. Less clutter for us, and the rosy glow of helping others too. Win-win!

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  1. I really want to read Death Comes To Pemberley!!

  2. I love squash. Mr. RK seems to be afraid of it!

  3. Umm honey roasted butternut squash....recipe please!!

  4. I'd like to watch more of Cougartown.

    You'll LOVE the Muppets. I almost died during the Feist cameo, and at many other moments too.


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