Dance with me!

Reminder: my first giveaway (to receive a parcel o'fun containing a DVD, a book, a CD and assorted other goodies) is open until this Saturday, the 25th. For details/to enter, the post can be found here.

Is anyone else feeling a little worn out? Does anyone else fancy a good old jump/pogo/dance around the room? If so, please do feel free to join me....

Apologies in advance for the eclectic mix - I felt in the mood for all sorts!

(nearly there! ;))

Ah, that was refreshing. I needed a dance :)

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  1. Our bed is making this bassoon type noise all of a sudden, and only when sat on in a specific place. Mr. RK claims he's dancing on the bed when I'm not there...maybe this will continue to inspire him!

  2. I like a good dance to clear out the cobwebs. :)


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