Project Life Tuesday: Feb 6th - 12th

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Linking up with the lovely Jessica as we plot our way through Project Life 2012!

Monday 6th: We'd had a lot of snow (well, a lot for London!) so heels weren't a good call. So I wore my walking boots in and out and rocked these heels for parents' evening. I'll never be tall but I'll certainly try my darndest at times ;)

Tuesday 7th: Another busy day, in from school at around 7 (pretty much the average by this point in term, and in fact earlier than I had been for a while). My rosy cheeks make me giggle.

Wednesday 8th: My trusty walking boots. Deeply unglamorous but oh-so-very-useful!

Thursday 9th: I've done pretty well this year, healthy eating wise. In fact I was joking with Matthew that I might stop aiming for five-a-day when it comes to fruit and veg, and instead try the French idea of nine-a-day! But sometimes a girl needs steak, oven chips, peas and wine. Yum! Matthew and I enjoyed this while we were waiting for the lovely Shona to arrive.

Friday 10th: A visit from Shona, the start of half-term break, and tickets to see Matilda? Ooooh, such deliciousness!

Saturday 11th: Such a fun day of hanging out with Shona and Matthew. In the evening Shona and I made a cameo at two of my JLL lovelies' birthday party (a.k.a. Flappercon). There were plenty of cheesy shots of us in costume, but this one makes me laugh the most as we attempt to be serious!

Sunday 12th: A lazy day! And guess who got a slanket as her belated Christmas gift?

Fun times as ever - looking forward to catching up with everyone elses albums!

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  1. A fun set of photos Claire. I see on Sky news it has been cold in the UK, we are melting with the heat here in South Africa!!

  2. Very fun photos! Way to rock the heels...I will not be tall either as I get my height from my mom.

    Love the flapper photo...what a fun party! And we have 2 snuggles in our house & my youngest wears hers all the time. It is SO soft!

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Love all your pics, especially the one of you in costume. :)

    I'm with you on the wine, oven chips and steak! Yum!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, chica!

  4. They're called slankets now? Hmm..

  5. When you are eating healthy I think a special treat of steak and fries tastes all the more lovely and it's great when it's in the treat category instead of the dinner norm.

    Love your photos, especially the costume ones. Very fun.

  6. Such a cute picture of you with the rosy cheeks! And yes, one does need to indulge now and then.

  7. That steak looks delish!!

    Another great week Claire.


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