Project Life Tuesday: Jan 30th - Feb 5th

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Another week down in Project Life. This was about where I stalled last year, so I'm pleased I'm sticking with it! Last week was *very* work-heavy, so I struggled picture wise on certain days, but I hope it gives an honest glimpse into the week as a whole!

Thanks as ever to the lovely Jessica for hosting Project Life Tuesdays - I get such inspiration and cool ideas from seeing what other people are up to. For example, as much as I am loving the digital version I am hoping to do the 'real' version next year, so I can include tickets, cards etc..

On with the week....

Monday 30th: A busy day, and a day where I had lots to do! Thank heavens for the cheeriness of 'badger corner' or I think I would have been feeling a little blue!

Tuesday 31st: The month of January bowed out with some beautiful blue skies. Even writing up a tonne of parents' evening notes seems easier under gorgeous skies!

Wednesday 1st: a.k.a. the day of the Year 4 parents' evening. So my desk ends up looking like this. :( Can't wait to finish conference and reports season and feel back on top of the paper pile, ha!

Thursday 2nd: A long overdue catch up with the lovely Miss Ems. Tapas, Rioja and hours of chat - just what I needed!

Friday 3rd: My hot date for the evening...late nights at school through the week left a giant pile of marking to wade through. Some girls have all the fun ;)

Saturday 4th: London had been warned snow was on the way, and on Saturday it finally arrived, softly floating down from about 8pm to just after midnight. I love how quiet the city can be when covered with a blanket of snow.

Sunday 5th: Girldate with my main girl, Eileen. I had a tonne of marking and prep to do so I was all "let's just grab brunch!" Four hours later I made it home, all the more replenished and ready to work for filling up on food, chat, and giggles. Love our girldates!

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  1. Great photos capturing the small details. Your post reminds me to take my camera out of my purse while I'm at work.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  2. I'm jealous of your girl-dates... they have become a thing of past in my life :(

    You are doing a great job capturing your life.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like you had a fun but busy week! Love your photo of the snowfall. So glad you are sticking with it!

  4. ooh friends and tapas, what really is better then that! and you got snow, you had a fun week....minus the work :) i love girl dates. must schedule more soon! Be Calm and Project Life On.

  5. Looks like you had a great week! I am doing the physical kit and I LOVE it. Love adding all the extra tidbits.

    And I love the stillness & quiet of the city while it is snowing.

    Have a great week!

  6. I taught one year of school and had several writing classes. I could not believe how many hours I spent reading and marking papers!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Sounds like a fun week. Especially the tapas and rioja!!

  8. Enjoy the time you have now. Just do it.

  9. I love the snow picture! The conference and report card time always made me crazy when I was teaching. Good thing you took some time for friends and relaxing in the middle of your long week!

  10. What great photos and journaling with them. Thanks for stopping by!


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