Things I Like Thursday, February 23rd

Another Thursday and another chance to round up all those things which make life just that little bit better (or a lot better!). There's a linky at the bottom of the post in case you'd like to join in :).

1. The glorious spring day we're having today. This week started out grey and cold and's it's sunny and blue skied and 16 degrees. Delicious.

2. Spring on the horizon!

3. Comfortable work clothes, perfect for jumping around and dashing after my class of crazy boys!

4. Having such a giggle at Junior League on Tuesday. The JLL girls are so sweet and funny and encouraging.

5. Curling up with my Kindle on long Tube journeys, and getting a few chapters down.

6. Blowing off plans to see comedy last night, and instead making friends with the sofa and watching some of the boxset of How I Met Your Mother. Love that show!

7. Crossing my fingers for potentially exciting news.

8. Drooling over homewares at John Lewis.

9. Making plans with sweet friends for coffee or dinner or a catch up.

10. Pancakes! How did you have yours on Tuesday?

Reminder: my first giveaway (to receive a parcel o'fun containing a DVD, a book, a CD and assorted other goodies) is open until this Saturday, the 25th. For details/to enter, the post can be found here.

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  1. I am super curious about #7! Send some of that spring weather my way, will you? :)

  2. Standing by awaiting what the news may be ;)


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