Things I Like Thursday, February 2nd

The ten things that are making my life a little better this week - rays of sunshine in the late winter grey :-). If you'd like to share your 'likes', there's a linky below.

1. Skype calls with and letters from some of my favourite people.

2. Salmon sushi. Oh, yum!

3. The fact that parent/teacher conference season is nearly done (two down, one to go). I have no doubt that they are a vital part of the process and I very much like the parents of my class, but it's exhausting! Late nights preparing, late nights delivering the information, leads to a pretty tired teacher.

4. Teaching my class some neat mathematical tricks! Remind me to tell you the one about the chocolate.

5. Using Pinterest to plan some new room layouts.

6. My awesome new badger necklace, a gift from one of my lovely students!

7. Jeans feeling a *little* looser.

8. Half-term break is a mere week and two days away! I have plans for some major napping.

9. Big plans.

10. A scheduled catch up with Vixie and Kaz, who I haven't seen since December!

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  1. 1.) We should skype!!! I've gotta remember my skype name...don't use it often, but I've got an account. Message me yours, maybe?

    2.) Yay for looser fitting jeans! Mine aren't necessarily loose, but they do fit better :)

    3.) Salmon sushi is so very, very yum. Then again, I'm pretty much in love with all kinds of sushi.

    4.) So jealous of your half term break. My next break isn't for another 6 weeks and 2 days...

  2. We need to plan a Skype chat soon! Will email you soon!

    Picture of the badger necklace, please!

  3. Napping. Napping is brilliant.


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