A Walk In The Park

Matthew and I had the loveliest walk on Sunday, enjoying sunshine, clear blue skies and springlike temperatures as we bimbled happily around Primrose Hill and Regents Park. Here are a few pictures from our day:

This heron was standing guard in Regent's Park.

We caught a glimpse of the London Zoo penguins over a hedge!

Friendliest squirrel ever!

Getting ready for another close up!

The swan letting the ducks know who's boss!

Love the view, with the little bridge.

I'm nuts about this wee fellow!

I look like a tourist hobbit. Ha!

Matthew gazing off into the distance.

Looking up towards the top of Primrose Hill.

The park in the sunshine. In February!

This tranquil shot was taken shortly before both we and the ducks were besieged by hungry seagulls!

So nice to be out and about! I guess even in the heart of London, I'm still a country mouse!

When did you last go for a nice long walk?

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