What I'm Into....Jan into Feb edition

Taking the lead from the lovely Emily, who had in turn been inspired by the lovely Sortacrunchy, these are the things that have been floating my boat recently.

On My Nightstand: I've read a few books so far this year. I just finished 365 Manners that Kids Should Know and am starting/finishing a few others now. I'm a third of the way through A Storm of Swords, part way through Grace Williams Says It Loud, have just started To Hell And Back (The Meatloaf Story). Am really trying to make time to read!

T.V. Shows: The two 'must sees' for me at the mo are How I Met Your Mother and Big Love. Season Five of Big Love is epic, and as it's the final season I'm excited to see how they bring everything together at the end! MTV are also running the entire run of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and I'm Sky +ing them all for a Fresh Prince Fest with Eileen. I currently have 64 episodes taped, haha! On a more cerebral note, I'm enjoying the BBC's latest series on the Crusades. I love a good documentary!

Movies: I haven't been to the movies at all this year :(. Will definitely remedy this over the next few weeks though - am so excited for The Muppets!

In My Kitchen: Lots of veggies! We're eating heartily but healthily - lots of soups and lean meat, good fats and all that jazz. Snack wise I am loving my graze boxes which I have delivered to school. I'm not the biggest snacker but it's great to have something healthy to hand when I need it!

In My Ears: Lots of classical music! It's what the boys and I listen to on Spotify in class sometimes, and it really is reminding me how much I love Mozart, Elgar and Tchaikovsky (amongst others!).

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month (well, technically this month as I'm late with this!): Shona is coming to stay and play, developments, girldates, half-term break, time with Matthew!

How about you?

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  1. Well done on reading more!

    You will love the Muppets! :)

  2. I saw the Muppets twice, it was fabulous and funny! Some adult humor which made it even funnier.


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