What a lovely Friday!

Today had many of the ingredients for potential disaster. I'd been up late at a school event on Thursday, we had a 90 minute rehearsal for our upcoming variety show right at the end of the school day, and at the end of the first week back I knew the boys would be more likely to be tired or fractious, poor loves!

But do you know what?

It actually turned out to be a lovely day.

We started off the day in our normal fashion, chatting and catching up. The boys were suitably impressed with the fact that the quiz team I was on the preceeding evening (a big annual school event, hence the late night Thursday!) came second out of 18 teams - we got 109 points to the 110 of the victors. Always good to have your students think you're at least a little brainy!

Then the day galloped on - maths and English and rehearsals and lunch and life skills, and the boys were as delightful as can be. They worked hard, they were pleasant, we had a real giggle together. And before I knew it it was 3.30 and we all settled down to Friday snack (fresh baguettes, a choice of cheeses and fruit) and a nice end of week chat.

I love my class. I always do. But today they brought it on a whole new level. And as I pointed out to them, they picked the perfect day to do so :-).

How was your Friday?

Happy weekend, all.

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  1. So happy that the day was good, my Friday started badly and then came on in leaps and bounds to be a very happy day. :)


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