Claire Gets Cooking: Hawaiian Chicken

Here in the badger sett, we love a good, tasty, quick tea/dinner/supper. As we both work full time, it can be only too tempting to grab takeout (that explains the hips :(), but we're generally pretty good at eating healthier, homemade meals. This is my recipe for 'Hawaiian Chicken', a meal I invented when we had excess pineapple in the cupboard. Enjoy!


Chicken, pineapple, chillies, bell peppers, sweetcorn and rice. Oh, and oil for stir frying (I use extra virgin olive oil, but I sure other oils would be just as nice!). Quantities can be varied, rice can be swapped for veg or sweet potatoes.....this is proper home cookin', feel free to improv! On this occasion I made a double portion - enough for Matthew and I to have for dinner once, then again as leftovers. I'm all about timesaving during the week!

Heat about half a tablespoon of oil in a wok or a deep frying pan.

Obligatory silly shot!

Chop the chicken into small pieces and put into the pan. A fairly high heat is best for sealing in flavour, I think, but you may disagree...

Take your bell peppers.

Confession: I love peppers and will eat scads of them given the slightest provocation!

Slice into pieces (roughly 1 or 2 cm).

Add to pan, turn heat down to medium, stir through.

Take your sweetcorn (I use frozen because I'm economical like that ;)). I also run it under the hot tap to defrost it a little before adding to the mix - creates a little less of a steam explosion!

Add to pan, stir through.

Take the ever trusty chilli of joy. Add, stir. There is a lot of adding and stirring in this process!

Drain yourself some tinned pineapple. Add to the mixture, and if you like, a little of the juice from the can (this moistens the whole thing beautifully).

As it's a double-double helping, this is the point where I take half out to chill and then refrigerate. Yum, yum, tea for later in the week.

If you're using traditional rice, it's best to put the rice on at the same point you start the whole chicken/peppers/etc. process. Here in the badger house we are converts to the wonder that is microwaveable rice! Despite my love of good, whole, real foods, rice that takes two minutes and is perfect and fluffy? Gimme gimme gimme! Plus, it only has three ingredients, all of which I can pronounce (rice, rice bran oil, salt). Love it.

Add rice to pan, and (can you guess?) stir through.

Oh helloes.


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  1. Wow! :) I'm not really a fan of pineapple, but the Mr is. I may just have to cook this one night m'thinks! It also looks like quite a summertime meal, even if it is a hot one!
    Thank you for sharing xo

  2. Thanks, Amy - it's a household fave! I actually just had a portion with a little grated cheese as my supper (the boy's out for curry!).

  3. I totally make a similar dish to this too with chicken, pineapple, and bell peppers. It's delish, as I'm sure yours is!

    I have to say that I really enjoy your Claire gets cooking posts!


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