Five Minute Friday: Brave


Sometimes I feel very brave. Sometimes I feel cowardly. Sometimes I want to be braver. And sometimes I'm a little scared of how keen I am to jump in with both feet.

Bravery is such an important thing, but something which has to be tempered by wisdom. Looking before you leap, taking all things into consideration, having an exit strategy. All good things.

There are quite a few areas in my life right now where I'm having to be brave, to make decisions, to stand up and be counted. There are still others where I feel called to be brave, to be helpful, to give more. It's an exciting season.

I see so much bravery around me, and it inspires me to be brave myself. After all:

Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid. (Franklin P. Jones)


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  1. I love that quote!! How true it is.
    What a fun prompt this week, don't you think?

  2. I also love that quote! I may have to use that myself sometime!

    Hopped over from Lisa-Jo's 5 minute Friday

  3. yes, bravery tempered with wisdom. Love this line!

  4. Great definition! Great post, actually. Happy St. Patty's Day, friend.

  5. That is a great quote. I think taking on a room full of 9-year-old boys every day is brave indeed!

  6. Meredith, I loved this week's prompt - Lisa-Jo always brings something interesting to the table!

    Mary, how lovely to meet you!

    Tara, thank you - it's key, I think.

    Relyn, thank you, beautiful girl!

    RK, hahaha - ain't that the truth!


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