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As well as inspiring me to have a lovelier home, giving me tips on how to keep said home neat and tidy, making me put on weight with glorious, tempting recipes and then showing me how to burn off the fat to fit in to the cute outfits the site is full of, pinterest also gives me lots of ideas for school - displays, lessons, and activities! Here are a few recent faves!


How cute is this! Contractions 'Operation'!


Lots of brilliant ideas for maths facts on this site. One of my favourite subjects to teach, so extra resources always come in handy!


This is forehead-slappingly genius. Crayolas + sandpaper = an iron on teeshirt transfer. I always do an end of year activity with the gang....this is a front runner!


My class are going through a very geographical phase right now (kids always love learning new, concrete facts!). I think this game would be great for golden time or Mystery Club!


I love having bold, useful posters around to back up key facts!


I did this strengths and weaknesses display with my form and it was just ideal. Helpful, fun to do, and great on the wall. A triple threat!


And to finish, a whole load of whiteboard resources! Alway great for class starters.

I'm interested to know - how do you use pinterest? Do you ever use it for ideas for work or school?

Hope every one has had a super weekend and that a joyous week beckons!

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