Project Life Tuesday: Mar 12th - Mar 18th

Another busy week, another Project Life Tuesday! Thanks as always, Jessica, for arranging this link up - I love seeing what other people are recording!

The Mom Creative

Monday 12th: A busy day at school was followed by a fun night at the movies with Eileen. We went to see Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and laughed our worries away. Such a super silly film! I then came home to make the pckage for my giveaway winner, the lovely Sam!

Tuesday 13th: Another busy school day, and a committee meeting for Junior League in the evening. And when I got home at long last, my old friend (ahem!) the ironing was waiting for me. Sometimes I miss being a teenager!

Wednesday 14th: Naturally, the busier I get at school, the messier my desk the end of term I dread what heights these could reach without intervention (a.k.a. Monday's task!). I did manage to find a quick hour in the evening to catch up with the lovely Sally, so it was a day of showers and sunshine!

Thursday 15th (no photo on this blog - picture of students): Our Middle School cross country, for which the weather was sunny, clear and bright. It's always lovely to spend a little downtime with the boys...and to escape the paperwork for a couple of hours!

Friday 16th: We have had MAD weather this March! After Thursdays blue skies and temperatures in the twenties, this was Friday morning. I cannot wait until the weather settles into proper spring. I'm ready for sunshine and daffodils.

Saturday 17th (no picture - JLL ladies): A fun day volunteering at the Manna Society, helping with their seasonal mailing alongside some of my lovely Junior League girls. We stuck and stuffed a tonne of envelopes and drank an awful lot of tea! Then in the evening I headed home and vegged out in front of the TV with fish and chips with Matthew and my lovely sister Sian, down from Oban overnight en route to her in-laws.

Sunday 18th: a beautiful sunny day! I was lucky enough to have brunch with both Eileen and Sian, before Eileen and I had to hit the books, and Sian had to head onwards on her journey. Sian and Eileen liked comparing engagement rings and chatting about weddings! Sian and I also introduced Eileen to the silly phenomenon that is 'Sian face'....please see below:

Sian face!

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  1. great pictures! thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Totally appreciated it.

    I love how you mention your ironing... I spent TWO HOURS ironing yesterday morning. I loathe it. My hubby wears dress shirts to work and it is such a pain. :)

    Have a great week! Your photos look great!

  3. I am totally waiting for spring. I never iron. Somehow everything I have is either wash and wear or needs to be taken to the cleaners.

  4. Miriam, thank you, it was a fun week!

    Camilla, you're welcome! Ironing is definitely my nemesis.

    RK, blue skies and sunshine it!


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