Moves several made but not filled boxes to the side.

Shunts a few full boxes to the other side.


Here in London we have full on packing madness....and there's still a week or two or three of packing/painting/unpacking/fixing/making ahead.  In the nicest possible way.

It's so lovely to look around our house and think 'wow.  This belongs to us.  We can choose how we decorate it, organise it, use it.'  On Saturday evening we slept over (hilariously we slept over on the couchbed.  In a house with six bedrooms.  Because none of the beds are delivered yet!) and it was so cool to spend the majority of the weekend over there.

Now it's all about living between there and the flat this week, packing and getting ready for the big move across next weekend.  I'll be sad to leave this flat behind - it's been a lovely home - but I am so excited for our very own house.  And I won't miss the neighbours here at all (smokers below, door slammers next door, shouty lady down the hall).  They've been entertaining at times, but I'm ready to have a little more space!  This block echoes a lot, so a little noise carries a long way.

As well as all the moving shenanigans, Matthew went back to work today and I'm back at school tomorrow.  It's going to be quite a frenetic few weeks!  If I'm not commenting on your blogs, please know I am checking in, but often on my iPhone so comments are trickier.  Can't wait till we're settled and set up and into a groove in the new place!

Better close for now - laundry and yet more boxes beckon!

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  1. Unpacking is so easy to procrastinate on.

  2. Sounds like good, busy days are ahead for you...at least you are in there and soon enough will have a nice, cozy bed to sleep in.

    Rest up and enjoy the change! xo

  3. Sounds so busy!

    I'm going to miss your old flat too. I have fond memories of it, especially the view of the church across the way from your guest bedroom window.

    Can't wait to visit your house though. Good luck with the continuing pack/move.

  4. 6 bedrooms! Wow. I would get lost. I wouldn't miss your neighbors either, congrats!

  5. 6 bedrooms?? Holy cow! I'm totally coming to say. With all that space, you'll never know I'm there. I could stay for a month ;)

    Once you're ready to receive mail at the new house, be sure to send me the new address!

    Moving is so exhausting, but isn't it fun? All the possibilities! Good luck staying sane the next few weeks! I know it can be draining--working full time, packing, moving, unpacking all at once. But, if there is someone who can make it look easy, I'm pretty sure it would be you :)


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