Pinterest: Love this (part 2 of three)

Part one is here, if you missed it :) More of the cute/silly/fun things I've recently noticed on Pinterest.

I *love* the movie 'Easy A'. It had such a limited cinema release here in London, but Eileen and I dutifully sought it out, and it was well worth the work - charming, witty, clever and funny. I need to watch it again soon....maybe a girls' night at the new house?


Big? Nah. Clever? Nope. But so help me, when I'm tired, when work's crazy, when it's all a bit much....I love me some photobombs.

Shoutout to my brother Peter, who first introduced me to Epic Meal Time! Caution - swears, rudes, and a huge amount of calories. But oddly stops me feeling hungry!

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favourite shows, and I love Marshall so much. I flipping love charts too.


This just makes me laugh!


And some eyecandy to finish. Ah, le Clooney. He can certainly rock a suit.

Have a great day, all!

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