An evening of flowers

The hot weather continues here in London - everyone is out in short-sleeved shirts, maxi dresses, sandals and shades, and the propensity to nap, soak up the sun, and socialise is strong.  This evening I had to dash after school to get down to Chelsea for the Chelsea Flower Show.  It's a major event here in town, and I was so pleased to finally get to it in my third year here in the city.  I went with three of my lovely JLL buddies, Bejay, Christa and Samantha, and it was grand to walk around chatting and take a look at so many beautiful displays.  Gorgeous start to a weekend!  Here are a few photos of our visit:

 Beautiful Samantha.

 Bejay, Christa and I, enjoying a Pimms!

 The girls had never experienced a '99' ice cream with a flake before, so of course we had to have one :)

 Hugely inviting garden set.  Maybe in the next house?

Aren't these seats awesome?  I love that they are my initial too!

We took a lot of photos!

Garden skeleton, anyone?

A picnic table with a BBQ grill in the middle.  Genius!

There were a great mix of displays - old, new, funky, traditional.  Lots to see!

Plenty of shout outs to Her Majesty.  So excited for the Jubilee long weekend!

Diarmid Gavin, one of the most famous horticulturists in the UK, had a beautiful garden on display.  he caught me trying to snap him and was kind enough to give a small smile.  Cheers, Diarmid!

Gorgeous Begonias!

A 'watercolour' made entirely of petals and the like.  Stunning!

Christa taking time to smell the flowers!

Each display had its own brilliant little touches!

The four of us by the pagoda.  These girls are such fun!

What a lovely evening. :-)

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  1. Sounds great. I would like a garden skeleton.

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun!! What is a "99" ice cream?


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