Five Minute Friday: Real

I really do love Fridays.Not only is the weekend almost upon us (my plans include scads of sleeping, acres of unpacking, and catching up with some of the loveliest folk), it's also time for 5 minute chance to write out loud and not over edit or plan, just get words down on the page.  Or in the case, the screen!

This week's prompt is REAL.


"Keeping it real."

What does that even mean?  We hear it all the time.  It's a quick flip phrase we throw out into the world, often without thinking about what is real, tangible, important.

I've been chatting to my class about this a lot recently.  In a world like ours (big city, busy, go-go-go), I think sometimes kids can get a little overwhelmed and lose track of what is good and real and important.  What makes them happy.  What sustains them.

For each and every person, it's a different set of things.  For me, love is real.  Kindness, putting yourself out there, taking chances, that's real.  Relationships and relating keep things very real - real is conversations and in-jokes and standing up to be counted.

So much we encounter nowadays is unreal - the airbrushed face of the supermodel, the autotuned voice on the latest Glee single (a constant confusion - models are pretty, those kids can sing...), so I think it's important for us all to look around us about things that are real and good and strong.  Houses built on rock, not sand.  Friendship, love, music, nature....that's what's real to me.


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  1. So true, so much of life seems so fake these days. Very hard to help kids see what's real & important.

  2. A very good post! I lika that you write "... and standing up to be counted"!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I saw your 100 Things post from Kelly's Korner and love that you want to live in the US. While I can't imagine why, I suppose the grass is always greener. I would LOVE to visit England, let alone live in it!


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